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All my music is gone, including downloaded

All my music is gone, including downloaded

After today's update, all the albums and artists saved to my music are gone, including anything downloaded. I can see them on spotify on my macbook pro but they are not on my phone app. My phone app info for spotify still says there are gigs of data for downloaded music but it does ot appear in the app. I've tried logging out of my account on the computer and on the phone. Same thing. Any suggestions?

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Sometimes that happens when the device is not much storage available. For example, in my Motorola Moto G 8GB often happens, when I have some downloaded lists, little space, and frequently use the app. I recommend increasing the capacity of your device, or otherwise does not have a lot of downloaded music on Spotify. You must try to remove the app and reinstalling.


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Hi there, sometimes a simple log out within the app and then logging back in again refreshes the 'My Music'.

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I am soooooooooo happy I stopped with Spotify Premium. 

The whole offline concept from Spotify is poorly designed with childish ideas like invalidating music. 


It is like running a physical library.

If people do not return their books in time, you send men in black to burn the books they have at their homes.

That is how kids solve the problem, B-movie directors design plots and spotify thinks they need to belittle their premium users.


Remember Spotify's motto: Premium users must be online to listen off line.

Don't forget: Premium users have to be on line to listen to music off line.



Did you ever try your log off and log in solution at a crappy hotel wifi abroad?


Premium users who are premium users just to prevent that know this.


It is a very rude way of rubbing in to people that off line files get ruined.


It is like saying: The can-opener is inside the can.



Don't forget: Premium users have to be on line to listen to music off line.



I had the same problem on my S4 mini duos. I contacted support and a guy named Mathuros has suggested I turn the phone off and remove the battery for 30 seconds. I was sceptical as I have restarted the device several times to no avail, but apparently removing the battery is the key, because it has solved the problem for me. Hope it helps you, too.




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