Amazon Echo freezes after 3 songs

Amazon Echo freezes after 3 songs




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Within the last week I have found that my Alexa Echo devices are only able to play 3 songs before freezing up. After the third song I am unable to go to the next song or play any other music until I go to my Spotify phone app and "forget" the device. This happens to all of my Echo devices, with each getting 3 songs in before freezing up.


Something worth noting is that I used to be able to control my Echo devices via my phone app. They do not seem to sync any more -- moving to the next song or selecting new music on my phone does not control my Echo devices. I am also able to play other songs on my phone while each of my Echo devices play their own unique songs; previously only one song could play at a time on my account regardless of what devices I had connected. I'm wondering if these issues have something to do with that change in behavior?

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After about 2 hours with support, we found this was NOT happening on a test account. They made me a brand new account with all my music and issues persisted. After some more testing I found this only happens to exceptionally large playlists -- it seems like after the 2500 song count things start to bug out.

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