Android App - Frustrating and Useless


Android App - Frustrating and Useless

Casual Listener


In my experience the app gets more unstable and buggy with each update. After the latest update the app is simply unusable.

  • When pressed skip, the song transitions are now handled with a 3 second delay where both the previous and next song overlap each other and slowly fade until the new song is playing fully for some reason.
  • Sometimes when skipped to the next song, the current song and the next song overlap and both of them start playing. This only stops when I force stop the app and makes the app unusable.
  • Whenever I play the 'Bass Face' Playlist some songs start in the middle and some just outright skip after playing for 3 minutes or so to the next song on the queue.

I think that the issue with the playlist could have been solved if Spotify haven't canceled out the 'Make Similar Playlist' option. That was a sneaky move and I really am not fond of just like the time they restricted lyrics to ios users.

The device is Samsung Galaxy J5 and the issue persists even after the 'generic troubleshooting steps' and the wipe/flashing of 3 different roms including the Stock Samsung one, no avail and no improvement. If I can't solve this thing I'll just have to cancel my premium since the app is unusable. Any help is appreciated even though I've lost hope on this one. Google play and Pandora works just fine but those are not the same thing as Spotify unfortunately 😕

P.S- Rockstars and people of the copy-pasting kind; PLEASE don't post the 'Magical Android Troubleshooting' Link that I seem to find in every other support post. I've tried every one of them and they don't work unfortunately.