[Android] [LockScreen Gadget] Play again last song or rewind


[Android] [LockScreen Gadget] Play again last song or rewind

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Hi Spotify Community & Support Helpers, i like so much and enjoy this app 'cause i love listen music all time, almost all the day except when i sleep 😄
well, all is good but i would to see you can change the options showed in lockscreen on Android's Phone.

example: if i working out at gym (im listen to music during it) the gadget only show pause, next song and close.


sometimes is so difficult to unlock to rewind the last song o many tracks ago.

why there isn't the option to go back songs before listened?


Right Now I have a Galaxy S7 Edge (Galaxy S5 before but same interface)


Thanks for your comments.

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Re: [Android] [LockScreen Gadget] Play again last song or rewind

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I do believe the currently playing information displayed on the lock screen? Samsung has their own unique code design for this from Android for their phones. I have an Android based phone as well a few years older, and my lock screen shows the back, pause/play and forward button options on the currently played track on the lock screen.


What I will do is move this post over to the Android help area of the community and other RockStars with Samsung Android devices could help you with further details of what you can and can not be done currently about this right now. https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/bd-p/spotifyandroid


Re: [Android] [LockScreen Gadget] Play again last song or rewind

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Just swipe down to expand the notification and reveal two additional controls.