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Android Spotify App on the Pioneer XDP-300R

Android Spotify App on the Pioneer XDP-300R






(Pioneer XDP-300R)

Operating System

(Android 5.1.1)


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I have a problem using Spotify on the Pioneer XDP-300R audio player in which the app will log out and delete all my downloads (often up to 5,000 songs)


This devices runs Android  5.1.1 and is non-upgradable. It is a dedicated audio player with the ability to download apps from the google play store. The device has no 3G so is reliant on wifi. I use it with 2 SD cards, one of which the Spotify app allows me to assign to storage.


The problem occurs after I have downloaded my songs onto the Pioneer (with the storage set to SD and quality set to very high). When I am out of the house I switch off the player when not in use. Sometimes t when I switch the player back on whilst out and open Spotify I find that I have been logged out of the app and cannot log back in without access to wifi. When I return home the app automatically logs back in and starts re-downloading all my songs as if they were never downloaded (although the storage shows that they are still in the cache), the app also defaults back to internal storage from SD storage. The only thing I can do at this point is to uninstall the app.


I have experienced this problem now several times, each time it has happened I have followed the instructions offered on similar posts relating to Android phones by deleting the app, its cache and data, restarting the device, deleting the device from my offline devices, re-installing the app. I just want to be able to listen to my premium Spotify account offline on this device. Can anyone help with this issue?


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Great to see this community forum in action. 


As as an update, after a complete reinstall (including deleting offline devices) I tried putting Spotify into offline mode after downloading  couple of playlists to see if this would fix the issue. Not only did this result in the same problem - after leaving the device idle I was faced with a login screen with all downloads removed - it actually made the problem worse. Now Spotify doesn’t even let me log in as it claims it needs to be switched from offline mode, which of course I can’t do without logging in.


Surely a functional app can at least be expected from this service. I have never had these issues on my IOS devices.

Hi I have also had this problem. I find that you must always close the Spotify App before turning off the Dap. This has solved my problems. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip - I'll try this out and let you know how it goes.

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