Android app launches when listening on PC, stealing resources

Android app launches when listening on PC, stealing resources







Samsung s10+

Operating System

Windows 10 1809


My Question or Issue

When i am listening to spotify on my pc the app will launch on my android. The sound only plays through PC but this is super annoying as it drains the battery and has no reason to be running as it takes resources. I tried setting the device connection to only enable on devices on the same network but it still launches the application. Is there a way to turn device pairing completely off? I personally see absolutely no reason why you would need them linked in the first place let alone the ability to stop/play/skip music i am listening to on a completely different device

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Hi @Darth_Fluffy, thanks for writing!


There's a thread about it here - please take a look and let me know if it helps you!

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So my options are to manually turn spotify to offline every time i am done using it on my mobile.  Or root my device, which voids warranty.......

how is there not simply a button that says "Do not connect devices"?


I guess i just won't listen to spotify on my phone. No wonder apple music is starting to do better. over the past couple years i have noticed less and less features available. Like how is radio not a thing anymore. You guys are better than this


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