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Android phone app, How do I stop or close the player within the Spotify app?

Android phone app, How do I stop or close the player within the Spotify app?

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Operating System: Android v11, One UI v3.1


My Question or Issue

How do I close or stop playback completely in the Spotify app? Not just pause it. Pausing it leaves it as an active media event and auto playback is triggered whenever a Bluetooth event happens involving a BT audio device. I want to control whether I want that to happen and closing the player in the app or stopping(not pausing) playback is not obvious in the UI.


Top attachement is the Media list showing Spotify paused, I would like this to die.


Middle is the player showing at the bottom, how to stop/close the player?


Bottom is the details of the player, pause is very obvious, the down arrow at the top left of the view minimizes the player with no option to Stop/Dismiss/Close.

Screenshot_20210828-122935_Media and devices.jpg
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Is anyone working for Spotify listening? This is a very annoying glitch. Just update the software with a fix. No app should EVER just start playing music without USER consent. This must be allowed to turn off!

Completely agree.  Youtube app has an option to play a video in the background but you can completely close or "X" out of the video and app.   


I have to go in and clear my data and cache on spotify to close any video then log back in.   Totally ridiculous. 

It is pretty sad that this topic is over a year old and the issue still hasn't been fixed. Says a lot about Spotify. 

I feel stupid saying this, but I was looking through this for a problem my mom has (and shares with you all) but just found where to toggle "Spotify Connect in background." I haven't been using my spotify app much so don't have the problem, but I'm going to try this on her phone tonight and see if it will keep hers from constantly turning on when she gets in the car.

On the notification/clear panel (you get to it by tapping the top of the screen and dragging it downwards), press and hold the icon showing the last played song. You will get a choice of "remove" or "cancel." Tap "remove."

Hi, this issues bothers me a lot too. But I did find a work around.




If you manage to find a song that is not available, but still on Spotify (they are grayed out/darker , you can see on the video below) you can click that song to play, it will remove whatever you were listening from your current playing, and since that song is no longer available, nothing will stat playing.


You can close the notification, and it will not show up until something else starts playing, even if you close the app and open again.




I found this out when a bunch of Marry Elizabeth Mcglynn's songs got removed this year (

Soo sad).


You gave me sooooo much hope but, alas, the damn song will not disappear. I have tried everything besides uninstalling Spotify but it seems that as soon as there is a Bluetooth connection (e.g. my EarBugs) a "play" tap will always start the paused song in Spotify. So frustrating!

Has anybody have any other suggestions?

Hi Spotify tech support. Are you AT ALL listening to this customer feedback in this thread regarding the CLEAR BUG in your app that DOES NOT work properly? I mean seriously, your replies about this issue are laughable and you aren't even acknowledging the problem. This problem is obviously persisting across multiple device platforms and multiple different models and operating systems. So why don't you do us all a favor and actually respond to the issue being raised instead of responding like you're on the other side of a monitor with zero accountability for your lack of support?! -- I have an Android, Samsung Galaxy S22 with the same issue. My brother has an S21 with the same issue. Both of us are considering uninstalling the app. Let me be clear (since you're not), the app does NOT close EVER unless you log out. If you swipe it up to exit/close the app, it STILL turns itself on as soon as the phone connects with a blue tooth device. There are NO OPTIONS to tell it to stop playing and not come on again. Its absurd. I've selected "don't run in the background" and it still comes on over and over and over and over again. Its VERY annoying and is THE MAIN reason I don't use Spotify except when someone really wants me to listen to something. And when I do use it, its with hesitation because I know I will have to go through a bunch of annoying steps to get it to actually stop playing. POOR DESIGN. No other app works like this. If you are going to respond, please acknowledge this issue before responding. Please don't respond as if all these people with the same issue are newbies to tech and don't know anything. You're basically gas lighting all of us when you do that and when you direct us to links/sources of info that are irrelevant to the issue. I've taken screen shots of this thread and a few other similar threads and unless I read some actual response from you in the next week, I will be making this the center piece of my YouTube show's tech comedy section. I have 700,000 viewers who will eat this thread up. Seriously, the support provided (or not actually provided) on this thread is the epitome of non-existent support and is why consumers are so frustrated with big tech companies. I would love to report to my community that Spotify has great tech support and listens to the customers. Thank you.



Hey folks,


Thank you for your messages.


To continue investigating this, may we ask you to turn Off a few different settings and report back if the situation improves?


First, we'd recommend trying switching off New Media Controls on Android that displays Spotify even when it's not running. Also, could you try switching off Android Auto Autoplay feature to see if it makes any difference?


After turning these off, If the App still auto starts when you don't expect it to, then please record the time/date that occurs and let us know what time zone you're in.


If you give us this info, can you also state you are happy for us to look up your username and check the logs against your account so we can better identify the cause.


We'll be on the lookout.

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Still can’t stop auto play when Bt picks up. Can’t we just have a method to close what we’re playing instead of only pausing?

Hey @Sweeneyuk-gb,


Thanks for reaching out.


Can you please confirm if you've tried the suggestions from @OscarDC's reply above? If yes, please send over the requested info so we can investigate further.



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- Go to phone's Settings

- Search "Battery"

- Go to Battery / Background usage limits / Never hibernate

- Press and hold "Spotify"

- Delete


Simply put, Spotify gives itself special rights when installing and you have to remove them manually.

Why don't you answer a simple  question? Why can't/won't you just add a 'close app' option? 

Every time I get in my car and start it, my phone connects by Bluetooth as it should. However, Spotify then starts playing where I last left off, when I closed the app.






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Hey there @Fenriss,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. 


Would you mind giving us a bit more info about what kind of settings you're looking for? Is it the equalizer or something else?


Also, make sure to confirm in which device you're trying to find these settings. Keep in mind that if you're using the Web player, you won't be able to find much as it doesn't have the same amount of options in the "Settings" page like the mobile or desktop apps.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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I am trying to stop Spotify from auto launching. I'm using a samsung galaxy
s24 ultra. Every time I think I have succeeded in turning this off it turns
back on again.

Hey @Fenriss,


Could you let us know which settings you've tried changing? 
To my knowledge there isn't an effective way to prevent the app from starting automatically on Samsung devices.
Aside from this though, we'd also like to know if you are experiencing any issues that require you to prevent the app from launching automatically. If yes - what are they?

We'll be on the lookout for your reply 🙂 

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I'm not sure why my reason matters because you shouldn't prevent users from
stopping auto launch in any event, but the main problem is that it starts
playing on speakers in rooms where people don't necessarily want to hear my
content and in my earbuds, loudly and unexpectedly.

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