Android powers down and restarts when I try playing a song


Android powers down and restarts when I try playing a song




I have a Motorola Droid Razr M (android version 4.1.2) running the latest version of spotify ( and this issue started ever since I updated to this version of spotify. When I am connected to bluetooth on my 2013 Ford Escape, I am unable to play a song from spotify. Whenever I do try to play a song (any song, including saved songs, searched songs, songs in my playlist, radio, etc.), the phone powers down and restarts. My car is not compatible with the spotify app as it does not support applink.


This is very frsutrating as I am a premium member and I really do enjoy listening to music while I drive but now I can't. This issue only occurs with spotify and no other media app such as pandora, rdio, ihearradio, etc. And its not just my car either, any bluetooth device I connect to, my phone powers down when I try to play a song. I can play music right from my phone with the speaker or while its connected to a speaker via aux but my car does not have an aux port. I tried deleting my saved music and reinstalling the app but it made no difference.


Please help.