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App Asks for Premium; Won't play

App Asks for Premium; Won't play

I am not a premium member. On my phone (HTC One M8), when I choose "Shuffle Play," the app asks whether I would like to Get Premium. If I choose Later, the "Premium" window closes, but no music plays. I have no way at the moment to listen to music with Spotify on my phone in any way.


Is there a way to access shuffle play on an Android phone? I thought that was available without premium.

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Shuffle Play is available without premium.


Can you try deleting Spotify on your phone and then reinstall it to see if that solves the problem?

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I have attempted that. I've also rebooted the office twice. I just checked on my tablet, and it's doing the same thing: won't shuffle play

Nevermind. I believe I've found the answer. Spotify didn't expand the free tier to Taiwan. I'm stuck without until I go premium, revert to podcasts, or abandon Spotify all together for the local alternative. Sad. I wanted to try it out longer (several months) before deciding to buy.

Thanks for your help!

I had the exact same problem! I'm not actually from taiwan but I live here due to college. It was working fine in my home country, but I changed my country to Taiwan when I came here, and after that it no longer work. And I accidentally pressed the premium trial because it kept popping out, so now I'm on premium trial even though I dont really want it. 


So once my trial is over I'll be back to not being able to use it on mobile I guess.

Just uninstall, then reinstall and sign back in. Mine acted up on my Samsung tablet after a software update, I did  this and it works like before!!

I live in California and have been having the same problem. I have so far tried closing the app and rebooting my phone. Right now I'm installing the system update that is due, and after that I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify, but two or three times this weekend I tried to use shuffle play on my phone and both times was told the same thing: that I could install premium. 

Did anyone solve this? I'm in Canada and there's no way that it won't work for shuffle play and I just want to stick with it being free!

Did anyone solve this? I'm in Canada too and it won't let me play without upgrading to premium!

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