App crashes on download switch for some albums

App crashes on download switch for some albums

Spotify premium user here (family account), using stock Oneplus 5 with latest app and ROM version. Since a couple of days downloading albums is not working for all albums any more. Everytime I flick the switch the app crashes. I tried reinstalling, clearing cache etc. but to no avail. Is this a phone problem or a general one? Like I said, I tried all the wipe/re-install things that were suggested and it's still happening like described. App worked fine since a couple days before...


What's really interesting is that the same band Novadriver has two albums, of which one is crashing the app when download switch is flicked and the other one isn't.


Albums where the app is crashing:

Novadriver - Deeper High

Hammerfall - Built To Last

Hammerfall - Glory To The Brave (20 year anniv.)


Alubms where the app is NOT crashing when flicking the download switch:

Novadriver - Void

John5 - Season Of The Witch

Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hallucinations

Any Given Day - Everlasting




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