App crashes when sorting albums by 'date added' and 'oldest first'


App crashes when sorting albums by 'date added' and 'oldest first'

Casual Listener

Plan: Premium

Country: Germany

Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System: Android 8



Once again I reached the annoying 10,000 song limit so I decided to clean up a little bit. So I do the following:

* Open the Spotify app

* Open library

* Open albums

* Scroll up to see the filter options

* Open the filter/sorting menu

* sort by 'date added'

* I see the newest additions

* Open the filter/sorting menu again

* click sort by 'date added' again


Expected behaviour:

* I see the albums by date added, oldest first.



* I get an ANR and the app crashes

* When I open the app again, and open the albums page the app crashes instantly


So the app is in an unusable state. I can't open the albums page anymore. Deleting caches (in app and in android app settings) didn't work. I had to delete the app data and lose all the downloaded music.

But hey I still have to get rid of some of the 10,000 songs so I repeat the steps above. The app crashes again and is again unusable.