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App crashing since latest update

App crashing since latest update

Spotify has started crashing on my One Plus 5 since the latest update. When I open the app, My playlists starts loading for like 5 seconds and then crashes. I Read in an other thread that turning on flightmode would prevent this.

So I tried and While in flightmode the app would not crash, but as soon as I swap back to wi-fi it crashed again. So i assume it has something to with the connection to the internet. 


Have anyone else experienced this problem? Any tips and Quick fixes are welcome!

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I am experiencing exact same issue on my Op5. App goes to background a couple of seconds after opening. Hopefully they will provide a fix asap.

Interesting that other people have the same issue. I have experinced the exact same issues with my OnePlus 5. Still need a fix. 

I fixed it by simultaneously using Spotify on my PC (on where it worked
normally) and then trying to launch my phone app and choosing the option
"continue playing from this device" on my phone after which it has worked
just fine. I know it is a wired sounding fix but hopefully it works for you
as well

Me to,have this issue since yesterday on My OP 5T


Please any suggestions?


Same problem here. I noticed that spotify crashes when I'm connected to wifi, but without wifi, it works. Very strange...

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