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App doesn't work even with internet


App doesn't work even with internet

Spotify just doesn't want to work. It displays "No internet connection" while both on phone data and wifi and I have to wait very long time (few minutes) for anything to load. I thought it was my device's problem but after changing to a new one the issue continues

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Fixed it. I just went to settings and gave all permissions available to Spotify 👍

Hope it helps🍻

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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to see you've been having issues with the app.

It feels like the 'Offline mode' setting is responsible for whatever is happening here.
To find this setting - tap on your profile picture and head into the settings. What you're looking for is under the Playback section.

Make sure Offline Mode is set to 'off'. If it's set to off to begin with, toggle it on and off again. 

In case the issue persists after this - check if removing the cached data would make a difference.
Fingers crossed this helps! Keep us posted 🙌🏼

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In the past few months it happened, the app keeps saying it's in offline mode when it's actually not.
It says it has no internet connection (when there is, and it's the only app that says so) yet it still plays everything, but with INSANE delays and takes FOREVER to think and execute commands.
I've scoured the forums and didn't find any result...

Tried to log out from all locations, reinstalling, clear cache + data and every combination of these things.
Nothing worked.

Please help! 😞

Same and it's getting worse. Now nothing will load outside of the home screen. I basically can't use Spotify at this point. 

Facing same issue when I use mobile data, it plays songs but can't search for new songs in search bar...but when I come home in wifi range, everything looks good

Same for me, but I believe I've traced it back to the fact that Spotify believes there's no internet when I'm connected to VPN -- even when the VPN server is (nominally) an hour down the road. I shouldn't have to drop my VPN protection to use Spotify.

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Fixed it. I just went to settings and gave all permissions available to Spotify 👍

Hope it helps🍻

Same problem here, been in touch with spotify helpdesk for 2 days now, had 9 different people dealing  with it repeating more or less the same advice. Nothing helps. Actually useless callcenter action. Sad. Seriously considering changing to amazon music. Useless to waste more time here.

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