App gets stuck in offline mode

App gets stuck in offline mode







Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Sony Xperia XZ2

Operating System

Lollipop, Oreo


My Question or Issue

This has bugged me for a while and hopefully someone has a solution besides restarting the app. When I leave for work, my phone is connected to my house's wifi, but the wifi connection eventually disconnects and the phone switches to 4G LTE as I leave my house. When this happens, Spotify enters offline mode and refuses to use 4G LTE. If I connect to a wifi network, Spotify doesn't seem to recognize this and return to online mode. Restarting the app resolves this, allowing me to use either 4G LTE or the newly connected wifi. But this is far from an ideal solution as Spotify tends to enter offline mode soon after I start driving, and restarting Spotify requires interacting with my phone which is unsafe to do while driving. Other apps like Amazon Music don't suffer from this issue. Is there an option somewhere that I am missing to resolve this?


And possibly unrelated, but can someone please explain to me what the:

"Offline mode - When you go offline, you'll only be able to play the music and podcasts you've downloaded"

...option does? I'm afraid it's worded poorly and thus confusing to me. It's not like if I turn it on, I can go offline and play music that I haven't downloaded. And I am not seeing the point of not being able to play music that I have downloaded if I am offline.


Thank you!

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