App incredibly slow on Android


App incredibly slow on Android

Casual Listener






(Samsung Galaxy A6)

Operating System

(Android Version 9)



The app has been incredibly slow for about a week and a half, with the following issues recurring:

  1. Playlists, albums and artist profiles take upwards of 30 seconds to load
  2. Tracks often take upwards of a minute to begin playing
  3. Tracks often stop after 10 seconds of listening and will not resume playing for upwards of a minute
  4. When attempting to skip/pause a track, it will often take upwards of a minute for this request to take effect
  5. Queue is always unavailable on the app

Attempted troubleshooting

  1. Have cleared cache and all data (did nothing)
  2. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app (did nothing)
  3. Have cleared storage in the device itself (did nothing)
  4. Have closed all other apps not in use (did nothing)
  5. Have tried on several internet connections
  6. Have used Spotify on iMac and Spotify is still very slow (however in my experience the desktop app for Spotify has always been slow so this may not be the best reference)
  7. Device is definitely in online mode
  8. All other apps on device are working as they should, only Spotify has these issues

Does anybody have any possible remedies/solutions to these issues? Or is anybody else experiencing similar issues?

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Casual Listener

Update: tried on Spotify Web Player and it's working perfectly on desktop but is still painfully slow on mobile.

Casual Listener

Spoke to Spotify Support and the only solution that was given was "factory reset your phone" and I flat out refuse to believe that's the only option, especially when the app was working perfectly up until a few weeks ago (before the update) and when every other app on my device is working perfectly.


Attached a video from about a week ago of how the app is performing (has gotten worse since).