App unusuable, despite clean reinstall (no internet access, no playbar, no nothing)

App unusuable, despite clean reinstall (no internet access, no playbar, no nothing)







Samsung S20FE

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I've been having issues with the app for over 6 months. First on my old phone, now on my S20FE. The following issues keep popping up despite multiple clean re-installs:

  • No playbar 
  • Can't close the app (so I can only stop music by turning off my phone if I have no playbar (!!!)). I'll swipe it up to close it and it only goes up 2mm then drops into place again.
  • Music stops playing for a second and comes back on by itself OR, most often, it only comes back on when I unlock my phone and open the app, only to cut off again 30 secs later.
  • Since the most recent clean re-install (this morning) the app says I'm offline even though I'm not. All other apps work, only Spotify doesn't, and it knows, because I can still play (not downloaded) music from my library. Just can't search for anything. I checked and I'm not on offline mode.
  • Main screen is completely black except for a message saying I'm offline (I'm not)

All of these issues render the app pretty much useless.


What I've tried already:
- Clean reinstall, meaning I emptied the cache, checked my files and there was nothing, then closed all other opened apps, then logged out everywhere, then uninstalled, restarted my phone and downloaded the app again. I've done this multiple times over the past weeks and it actually seems to make things worse somehow.

Kind of running out of patience after all these months, please help.

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Hey there!

I'm also facing exact same issue.

I reached out to the support and they keep looping me over deleting the app cache, reinstalling the app, try from different device etc. Now it is evident that it is not the ISP who is the culprit, since I'm from a different ISP provider and I also have the same issue. 



Until the issue is resolved, do not log out from the app. If you do, you won't be able to login from the app.


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this.


Sorry to hear that you're having this annoying issue. Spotify is aware of this and the right teams are working on a fix as we speak. You can go to this Ongoing Issue thread to add your +Vote and subscribe. This way you'll get notified of any development.


Hope you find this info helpful.

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