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App uses a LOT of space on internal storage

App uses a LOT of space on internal storage

and it's ridiculous! come on, i sign the service and save my tracks offline, but not only the offline songs are saved, ALL that i hear is saved, and create a monstruous cache. And then, if i delete the cache, all my offline songs gone too, the app have a lot of years and devs don't fix this problem, don't fix on iOS, don't fix on Android... Unforgivable. I deleted the cache last night and today the same, i'm done with this


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Hi there and welcome to the community,


Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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Anything to solve the problem, thanks man! where's the folder on Android?

Your welcome.


It's best to follow the steps mentioned in the reinstallation guide.

  1. From the Android home screen, tap Settings Apps.
  2. Find Spotify in your list of apps, tap it and select Uninstall. For older Android devices, navigate to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications.
  3. Open Google Play then search for and install the Spotify Music app.

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one? | Twitter

Backstage Intro - Meet Jordi!
What's it like to be in a Spotify Office?

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App reinstalled, i'll use the app for a time and say if works soon

The problem stills, the app save any song on internal storage and i need to clean the app, but this exclude my offline songs on the app too. Sad. 😞

Are your playlists erased when you reinstall?

Yes I agree, the app uses all my phones storage to store downloaded and offline tunes.  So i thought i would remove the downloaded play lists and re-download them for offline as i need them because my phones storage is full.  But guess what?  Doing this has not emptied any space on the memory, so when i go back in and request downloading my playlist it says it cannot because there is not enough space in my memory!

Also why can't my phone let me put spotify on its memory card which is massive and almost empty?

@healthyliving14 wrote:
Are your playlists erased when you reinstall?

No. They're safely stored on the servers.

Why this topic is marked as solved? I have to reset the app every month as it fills up my space with 1GB with no saved album. it is a joke..

Spotify needs to fix this. I have an Android device and have to keep clearing the app and restarting from scratch so it won't take up space. I don't even have any offline songs stored.

This really is a serious problem and needs to be fixed!! I have over 2GB of clutter from Spotify with NO offline saved playlists whatsoever.. this i stupidly annoying, now i have to reinstall the whole app from scratch again like every other month. BUT this does mean i have to do all my settings and login again. Please FIX this. Make it so that the size stays limited to 500mb when streaming only OR atleast give the user a proper option/setting to CLEAR all cache/buffers without losing my settings..

I have the exact same problem, sort this out Spotify, sometimes I have 2gb used on internal memory despite storing everything on sd card

I have this problem, so does my daughter.

My phone complained there was no room to update Google Play apps so I looked at what app was using the space - Spotify 5.7GB, almost half my internal memory. I deleted the app but it only released 1GB of that. I've used ES File Explorer Pro to try and find the Spotify data that's been left behind but couldn't (looked for directories as per the support article)


This is a joke, I've had this problem before but those times deleting the app and re-installing worked. This time it's left my phone in such a state that only a factory reset will clean it up.

Its terrible, and particularly bad for a premium app like spotify to not
try and resolve this here

Only 1gb?? Lelzzz dude. Spotify consumed 7gb of my phone memory.

It is an issue too many people are having with this premium app. I am
paying montly subs after all. So indeed:

Spotify please look into this problen, and come up with some sort of
definitive fix. Or in the mean time at least give us a manual way / hotfix
to clear ALL unused Spotify related data witouth losing any settings..


I'm also paying monthly for this service, what's your point there? The only way you're gonna overcome this issue is by getting a larger storage phone. 256GB is the solution, dude.

So it's completely fine that Spotify's app issue is making sd cards nearly redundant. Some of us cant afford to fork out loads of money for a phone and have to just download very few spotify songs and keep resetting our phone (as you can see from many of the complaints in this thread). Understand that not everyones situation is the same as yours.

Nah dude, that's not what I meant. To them, we are just a number, posting this here isn't gonna catch their attention and nothing will change any time soon. I'm just giving a much simpler solution to the dude that started this thread. 

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