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App uses a LOT of space on internal storage

App uses a LOT of space on internal storage

and it's ridiculous! come on, i sign the service and save my tracks offline, but not only the offline songs are saved, ALL that i hear is saved, and create a monstruous cache. And then, if i delete the cache, all my offline songs gone too, the app have a lot of years and devs don't fix this problem, don't fix on iOS, don't fix on Android... Unforgivable. I deleted the cache last night and today the same, i'm done with this


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I appreciate what you are doing here, nevertheless i doubt that will be any help. I have worked for a couple of contact centres and they had certain tools for the agents to sort out problems, but they had no means for agents to provide important feedback to the higher levels. That's why i think we should rate the app 1 star in the play store, because we paid streaming because most certainly we didn't want to download the music, but still have it available at any moment. What's the use of an app that offers streaming yet it certainly clutters up completely our phones internal storage with downloaded music?

This still hasn't been solved, and in all honesty Google play music actually has better streaming capabilities when it comes to data usage Spotify on normal uses about two hundred to three hundred mb of data per hour VS GPM using about 100mb on their lowest quality setting.


Spotify also is taking up more than 4 GB of space on my tablet, well I guess i'm done with spotify since they don't have an option to disable the cache.

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