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I've spent two years downloading songs I like. When I want to listen to music, I go to the artist I want to hear and listen to the songs I like by them that I've downloaded. I promise you this is an extremely normal thing that a person who likes to listen to music would do. It's mind boogling to me that Spotify thought it was a good idea to remove this ability without replacing it with an equally useful feature that works in a similar way. And no I have no desire to search up the hundreds of artists whose music I've already downloaded in order to favorite them just to be navigated to their page instead of the music I've already selected. Doing an update should not require extra chores for me. Creating this account so I can voice my opinion about your blunder has already capped out my limit on the amount of work I'm willing to do to fix this. If your service doesn't return to being useful to me, then this customer will find another one that is and respects it's users time by not needlesly removing useful functions.


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Casual Listener

I'm having the same problem as well, and it will absolutely cause me to cancel

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Seriously, what the **bleep**. I can't believe somebody thought it a good idea not to be able to see the list of liked songs anymore. Desktop app still has it, so what's the deal?

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Totally**bleep**. I agree with every single thing you said. wth is this **bleep**? If I wanted to create playlists to access the songs I like from a given album (not have to continuously scroll throught the artist's page), Why would I use the paid version? The free version does the**bleep**. Done with this thing in a week if they dont fix**bleep**. 

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Same problem here. Disappointing new design. I can't see what the new layout brings, especially what the point would be with removing the list of all saved artists. And it's not only the artists: albums for which you have saved only a few songs (and not the entire album) will not be listed in the "Albums" section of the library either.


Hopefully they will roll back soon.


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Music Fan

I'm in the exact same place.  That's my main way of listening to music, and I'm ready to cancel if it doesn't come back.  Why is it a good idea to make it more difficult for the user to access their favorite music?