Artist Page Shuffle omits old albums, plays Popular 10 too often

Artist Page Shuffle omits old albums, plays Popular 10 too often

I have a question. Does shuffle have a heavier bias toward more popular songs? Or am I just imagining it?


I often put Regina Spektor's page on "Shuffle All". It seems like the tracks I get most are the more 'mainstream' or the albums' flagship songs. I get a lot of "Eet", "Blue Lips", "Better", "Samson", as well as singles like "The Call", and "You've Got Time". I also get songs from the newest album, which I skip because I'm saving that album for the right time 😉


I rarely get any of the lesser-known tracks from the older, well, any of the albums. "Ballad of a Politician", "Field Below", "Folding Chair": these songs never come up. In fact, I feel like singles and guest features are played more than normal album tracks.


I can also say, with certainty, that not a single song from her earliest album on Spotify, Soviet Kitsch, has shown up on shuffle, with one exception: "Us", which regularly finds a place in the Top 10.


If it's true there's a bias, then it's too strong. "Artist Page" may as well be "Artist's most recent album". If there's no bias, what am I doing wrong? Yes, I have checked that I'm on the true Artist Page, and not just Regina Spektor's section of "My Music. (Those look confusingly similar on mobile).


Update: the above is my experience with the Mobile Version. I checked the full list on Desktop version, looking at the "Play Queue" tab, and it confirms my experience. Everything is from the latest three albums (not counting a guest apearance album) and singles. The earliest two albums (not counting a deluxe edition of an album already included) get absolutely zero representation.

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