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Artist Page and Album Page links are greyed out

Artist Page and Album Page links are greyed out

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 United States


(LG V20)

Operating System

(Android 7.0)


My Question or Issue

 Artist Page and Album Page links are greyed out. Clicking on album art will show full album and more but going directly to album or artist page is completely greyed out. 

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Hey @Rednpuff.


Just to confirm, is this happening to a specific artist or album? Also, if you use a different Spotify account on your device, does the same happen?


In the meantime, try reinstalling the app to see if it helps.


All the best. 

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seems to be specfic artists. on either the phone app or the desktop app. bands like Penguin Cafe have active artist pages, and you can actively follow the pages. still, the option to go to their page via song link is greyed out.


To me this happens some times. No artists, albums nor radios work, they are all grey.


If I kill the app, it's the same behavior. If I restart the phone, it seems to work again for some time.

Hi there!


Please go to THIS ongoing issue that I created, vote for it and post a comment describing your issue and also what device, OS version and Spotify version you have.


Thank you!

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