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Bad sound with Moto G6 Play and JBL Bluetooth

Bad sound with Moto G6 Play and JBL Bluetooth

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I own a Moto G6 Play purchased in 2019 and updated to the maximum in conjunction with JBL T500BT handset purchased in 2018.
Before the Moto G6, I had a Moto G5 that worked perfectly with Spotify, at the same time by the way I used the Premium account.
After the exchange of the device, mainly occurs 2 errors that, in my opinion, were decisive to stop paying Spotify Premium.
1) Spotify does not detect the Dolby Sound system of Moto G6 Play that was originally configured in Moto G. That is, every time I open the application it is also necessary to open either the equalizer (via Spotify) or even via "Applications Menu" in the own Moto G6. This is bad because every time I want to listen to music I have to remember to open the native Dolby application, otherwise the sound is horrible.
2) This in my view is the worst of mistakes. The music I listen to all the time low and raise the volume alone. Stop being able to understand the level of commitment, it's just like you're listening to the music and entering a WhatsApp message. Besides listening to the message tone (whatsapp), the sound of the audio you are listening to has also decreased a little. The big problem is: I'm not receiving any messages from any application, and the sound keeps dropping at all times, as if entering a new message, every time as well. It's really untenable to listen to music in the application.
Is there a solution or someone who has already had this problem?
Ahhh miss Moto G5 + JBL T500BT in perfect working order, it was so good that I made a point of paying the Premium account, today, I do not see why paying for a service that is not even close to offering the quality that otherwise provided.


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