Better landscape layout

Better landscape layout






Android tblet and car head unit

Operating System

8.1 and 5.1


My Question or Issue

Better landscape layout is missing. i cant change the one with little album art. 

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am i alone for this?

at 2016 you solved this but at 2019 i dont have this solution:( pls take a look

I also have this issue. There is no landscape playback mode only portrait! 

Yes, it looks awful in landscape mode, please go back to the large album artwork on Android.

Yes plz we need this function for the androids head unit

Sooooo.... this gonna be implemented any time soon?


It was already fixed years ago... then taken back, now it is simply disabled.


All we want is to be able to put our device sideways and use the app like that without having it flip when we go to the currently playing song. shouldn't be too much to ask.

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