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Beware of Spotify New Strategy to get your money

Beware of Spotify New Strategy to get your money

Hi everyone.

I thought I might just put this out there for others benefits.


So I recently cancelled my subscription to Spotify when they removed the widget and was planning on moving to another platform. I'm aware that the widget has been reinstated, unfortunately too little too late. So I'm still cancelling 


In the new app they implemented a way to get you re-subscribed in "One Click" method even if you unsubscribed and like me stated the reasons why. 


Screenshot is attached. 


I had to go back in and cancel a second time as there was no confirm you would like to re-subscribe option.


This is a very clever and sly move on their part to keep on taking direct debits of your hard earned money. 


Thanks guys.


1 Reply

Hey @Scarjspotify,


Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Community! Sorry to hear your experience hasn't been up to scratch. We'll make sure to pass this feedback on to the right team.


Let us know if there's anything else!


Take care 🙂

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