Bigger Menu Buffer!


Bigger Menu Buffer!

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Ever had this problem??? I'm listening to a playlist while navigating through another playlist. I tap the three-dot icon to the right of a track to call up the menu. But my finger hits a little off and selects the track instead. Now it's playing a track I don't wanna hear and I lost my place in the playlist I was listening to. Plus after I back out and restart the playlist I'm listening to, I have to find where I was again. This happens when I'm listening to music and using other Spotify features at the same time, like sorting playlists, following bands, adding albums, etc.

My point is that there should be a buffer zone around the menu icon, and/or a larger menu icon, so one cannot accidentally select a track instead of tapping the menu icon. I can't count how many times this has happened to me; it's very frustrating. Am I the only one?
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I think this idea is exactly what you are lookng for:


Larger "options" button on mobile app for each track/album in a list


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