Black screen and closes, not launching since spotify updated to


Black screen and closes, not launching since spotify updated to

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Brief description of the issue:

Black screen and crashes when trying to launch the app. Won´t open or launch. it happened after it updated to this last version, before it was great.

It won´t even create its own folder in Android-Data-


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. I tried to open the app

What steps I’ve tried already:

1. Clean uninstall and reinstall following the full instructions (Cleaning the indicated folders) Restarting after cleaning, then deeply cleaning, restart, install new version, restart. Did it twice

2.  Make sure it was and is not on the SDcard

3. Check my SDcard (unmount and everything)

4. Clear cache, clear data, tray again

5. Check where is my cache stored, cannot find it, so, there is no way I could change it from device to SDcard

6. Checked if RTL is correct in languaje settings

7. Checked issues of permissions and the possibility for the app to go background , and in this android version there is nothing of that

8. Have not any app in my phone to clean, antivirus, block, malware...

9. Followed everything in the android guide, in the complete android guide, in android troubleshooting guide

10. I really miss my spotify app in the phone 😞


Device and operating system: Samsung Galaxy s5 4.4.2

Type of Spotify account: Free

App version of Spotify: