Bravo Spotify, I applaud you!

Bravo Spotify, I applaud you!


So let us reflect. You had a working app which also contained all the features everybody was looking for. So then you decide to build a new app for reason x (probably a good one), okay nothing wrong with that.


You put out a beta and your userbase gives you feedback during that beta phase. Your users tell you all about the things that are wrong with the new app and that it doesn't work, not to mention all the missing features of the old app. You completely ignore this feedback and just straightup release the app in it's broken and unfinished state.


So we get mad, we start complaining.


And yet again, instead of working your arses off to produce an app which might qualify as acceptable you just lean back, no updates, no announcements what so ever, nothing!


Bravo, just a textbook example on howto lose clients.


Now tell me Spotify. I'm paying for this service, but I've been unable to use this service. But yet I am paying for this service. So what am I todo?

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I totally agree with you. I almost canceled my Premium Subscription but I'm still here. I just downgraded the app to the previous working one and I'm happy. Sure I wish it had the Extreme Sound Quality, but it's a thing I can live with, instead I can't live without Screen Rotation / Orientation.

Disable Auto Update and keep the old version, and wish all problems are fixed soon. I still haven't found any better app. I tried others. Spotify just seems to be the best I know.

Sure all apps have problems.

Sure I hate how spotify "collects" our thoughts and reviews and still ignores them all without feedback from the actual staff.

* No change logs
* No previous versions in version control (ability to downgrade)
* No release dates

But at the same time, I bet they are doing the best they are ( I hope ).

They made iPad app like they were asked to.
They jumped on the issue of Ice Cream Sandwich release
They try to do stuff as good as they can. Hopefully stuff work out.

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That wasn't a jump, more of a crawl to the ICS update. The only reason we got the beta release is because all the tech sites started giving them bad press about the lack of updates and ICS support.

You're obviously less of a cynic than I am neo-x 😉
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First of all, let me say we're humbled at the feedback we received for the Android preview. The main thread for ideas and feedback directly related to the new Android version (right here) has collated feedback, and has recently been updated such features that have been implemented in the Google Play version of Spotify. 


We do read as much as we can in terms of feedback, although commenting on it all would be a little beyond the scope of our little team. Community Founders and Superusers do feedback to us regularly too, further voicing popular feedback requests and concerns.


While implementing everything probably won't happen overnight, we do listen and our teams do look into such feedback, to see if we can incorperate the features that make the most sense. For example, access to the Play Queue was included in the Google Play release, while it was not included in the preview release. A product designer also recently commented that landscape was a high priority

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I didn't have an ICS Device until the beta was already almost final version and ICS still isn't on my main device, Note, on my secondary Sensation I use Spotify now and then.


So anyways - I hope - truly hope - Wish that Spotify will bring the new fixed app with all issues fixed etc - FAST.


I'm currently disappointed in:


* Spotify
* Samsung


Spotify: For messing up the new app
Samsung: Not pushing ICS to the Note as first stated.


Life is life - S*it happen and well it's life 🙂

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I don't care about landscape mode, it's something I rarely use and don't have a need for. However, I guess there's a need for everything and thus some people might need this.


I had a Galaxy S2 and recently upgraded to a Galaxy S3, okay so the old app doesn't work on the S3, new hardware new software, understandable. I also do not have any problems with the layout of the new app.


Was it not for the fact that the new app just keeps crashing all the time and all of a sudden, the same happened with the old app on my S2 but the frequency was acceptable. On the S3 it just keeps happening all the time!


And then for syncing music with the desktop client. On my S2 the old app just used 10GB of space, the new app for no reason what so ever just fills up the complete 32GB's on my external card. The way I solved this on my S2 was to install the old app, sync all the data and then install the new app over it. The settings and the data were kept and I could enjoy the new app without it swallowing my SD card whole.


However on my S3 the old app doesn't work anymore thus I have to use the new app and my memory is complete destoryed by spotify. This plus the fact that there is no option to set a different data location with the new app is very frustrating.


I'm paying per month but I haven't been able to use Spotify for weeks now.


Software development hasn't been invinted yesterday and it won't be invinted tommorow, it's been around for a long time now. These problems were reported before the release and Spotify should've had to common sense to address these issues before the release of the new app.


I'm having the same problem with my android app (on samsung galaxy tab android honeycomb). I 've just become a premium member (since 12 june) but i've been offline sinds 13 june (no problems on my desktop though, but i payed for premium for use on my tablet). 

Is there any bugfix / compensation ?


I'm thinking paying for this was a mistake.


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