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Bring back artist radio

Bring back artist radio

My spotify app on my android pohne just updated. All of my library items disappeared. Just as annoyingly, the option to play an Artist Radio has disappeared. This was my favorite part of spotify. Please bring it back!

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Hey @user-removed


It sounds like you have the new design in the mobile app for free users.


The radio has been discontinued in the new free version.


What happened to all my saved music?

Any songs, playlists, artists, albums, and podcasts you saved before the app was updated can still be found in Your Library.

Note: Songs you saved are now in your Favorites playlist. 

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Thank you for the reply, MattSuda. However, that does not seem to be correct. My library was completely empty. Yes, there is a tab for Artists, but none of my saved Artist Radio were in there.  Moreover, when I searched for an artist and played them, it was still not the old Artist Radio. It played only that artist and not a mix of that artist + similar artists the way it used to.  Do you know of any other way to recover all the artists I had saved?


This is a very disappointing move for Spotify. I can only guess it is due to the fact their investors have been very unhappy about the lack of profit and so they are trying to force users to pay. I know this has nothing to do with you, Matt, but wanted to express my displeasure in case anyone from Spotify pays attention. 


Thanks, again, for your help.

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