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Bsta bugs so far - skyrocket leaked ics rom

Bsta bugs so far - skyrocket leaked ics rom

So far I love the minimalistic new gui!

Unfortunately I'm on a skyrocket with the leak ics rom. Spotify plays audio perfect and I can access almost every tab. But I can't access one tab then another without crashing. Or close out of the app and goto another then back to Spotify without it crashing.

I realize its a beta and I'm on a leaked rom.. Just thought I'd let you guys know the bugs I've encounter thus far.

Loved hanging at the house in Austin. Too bad I never got any sunglasses I really wanted those. 😞

I have about 50+ playlist and when I scroll down it crashes.

What's new:
Always crashes when I goto it and scroll half way down.

The other tabs seems to work great.

Every now and then it crashes on now playing but not sure what causes it. Seems random.

Thanks so much!
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