[Bug] Crash in family mix

[Bug] Crash in family mix



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Samsung Galaxy 9+

Operating System

Dunno, probably the latest


My Question or Issue

The Spotify app crashes about 2 seconds after pressing the close button in the family menu. By family menu I mean the list of family members and their association to a certain song in the family mix playlist.

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Hey @Little_Jack thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community,

I would actually recommend doing a clean reinstall on your device. It might also be beneficial if you can restart your device, although it sounds simple, it can help from time to time.

Finally, if none of those work try clearing your cache and data by following these steps:

Step 1: Head to the Settings menu.
Step 2: Find Apps (or Applications, depending on your device) in the menu, then locate the app that you want to clear the cache or data for.
Step 3: Tap on Storage and the buttons for clearing the cache and app data will become available.

Here is a video to help with that.


Let me know how it goes,

Jack 🙂


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