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CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION...if you are using Android!

CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION...if you are using Android!

Everyone who is using an Android shold really cancel their subscription IMMEDIATELY.

They play around with Android users and try to make the app more like an iOS app, if I wanted that I would have bought an iPhone.

And Spotify does not listen to it's users, they just want our money and keep saying **bleep** like, we care about our users and always want to improve our bla bla bla BLA BLA BLA.

They removed the recently played function, so now you only have a few recently played songs and not like before.

And now the WIDGET has gone...what...the...**bleep**?? 

These companies can make these changes that are not satisfactory to our needs, and as long as we keep paying they won't change a thing. So if you want to see change...start hurting their wallets!

I swear, I just cancelled mine after more than 10 years of being a paying customer.

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