Can I sort liked songs by artist?


Can I sort liked songs by artist?

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Hi all

Spotify completely changed up on my S8 overnight, I had over 300 songs saved and to play them I would simply go to my library, scroll down through a list of artists that were in alphabetical order, select an artist and then the song that I had saved but that option is now gone.


I was able to redownload all my songs in one go but when I now go to my library and click on artist it shows the top 5 popular songs, not the ones I had saved! I don't want to have to start typing the name of a song everytime so any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated..






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Re: Can I sort liked songs by artist?

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So Spotify has decided to radically change how Your Library works. For a complete understanding of the changes, check out this Reddit thread I found.


This is helpful because Spotify is allergic to proactive communication to their users when big changes are happening.




Re: Can I sort liked songs by artist?


I've literally just switched from Apple Music to Spotify because I liked how it was all sorted out in liked songs and within a week they have completely stuffed it!


Re: Can I sort liked songs by artist?

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The Spotify iOS mobile app usability is so broken; does ANYONE at Spotify see this? How can you seriously not allow me to sort the hundreds of songs I've saved/liked (in playlists and to my general library)? And why aren't all artists and albums associated with music I've saved in the "artists" and "albums" lists in "my library"? I would love to hear the justification, and how the heck I can find my music?


Please Spotify, I want to stay with you, but these latest changes are so awful I will have to switch back to Apple.


Re: Can I sort liked songs by artist?


This might be what makes me switch services. WHY THE **** CAN'T I SEE THE ARTISTS I'VE SPENT 5 YEARS SAVING MUSIC FROM!!! I thought this functionality was only nerfed on mobile so I finally sat down to make a bunch of artist releated playlists so I can actually know what music I have. Turns out its platform wide.

Add my vote to disgrutled long time users that are exploring other options.