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Can´t Change saving Files on SD-Card

Can´t Change saving Files on SD-Card

Hi there,


I have a massive Problem saving my Offline Playlists on my SD Card (Phone Galaxy S7). It Used to work until yesterday. Somehow My Spotify stopped working. From now on i can´t change the place to save the music to my SD-Card. Normaly there is a Button in the settings. But since the Breakdown it is gone. My SD-Card works fine. I reinstalled Spotify but it didn´t help though. The Button did not come back. 

Please Help me!


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Do the storage screen and the file manager still show the external SD card?

Hey Joe!


Thanks a lot for your Reply!


It works fine now. After reinstalling it 100 times and restarting the system 50 times everything works out fine 😄


Have a Nice Day 😛

Glad it's working 🙂

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