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Can't Find Daily Mix, Usual Workarounds Not Working

Can't Find Daily Mix, Usual Workarounds Not Working

I have been a Spotify Premium user for a little over a month. Since the beginning of my subscription, I've been interested in what my Daily Mixes would look like. After some searching through the Help section of the Spotify website, I found that my Daily mixes would start after a couple weeks of streaming music. Now, over a month in, I have never seen a daily mix. I don't see the option in My Library on my Android device. I don't see it through the Spotify Windows App. I found a commonly mentioned workaround in the community is to play on my desktop, while using my mobile device as a remote. This didn't help. I tried reinstalling the app on my mobile and windows, signing in and out from all possible locations, making sure the apps are up to date. Nothing seems to bring about my daily mixes. Any help is appreciated.

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