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Can't download music on spotify premium

Can't download music on spotify premium

I have 0 songs downloaded, so the limit of 3,333 is not in effect. I have 9gb of storage open and no SD card. I've reinstalled spotify, cleared data and cache and removed all the devices except my phone. I am still not able to download songs. I am attempting to download over Wi-Fi


What else can I do? 

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Hi @EliMmolot


I'd suggest you to use a different internet connection (3G/4G/LTE) and let's check if that'd help.


You may also check the following first:

  • The device is not in sleep mode.
  • There is enough free space to sync the songs (we recommend 1GB or more).
  • The device has an active internet connection.

Then try to follow these syncing instructions.


Hope it helps.




P.S. I'm not a Spotify employee


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