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Can't download songs since update

Can't download songs since update







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Since the last two updates, Spotify isn't really working for me anymore. 

IIt started with crashing and canceling my downloads saying my storage is full, which it wasn't since I'm storing my songs on my SD card with more than 20 gigs free storage. 

I since reinstalled spotify loosing all my downloaded songs. After the last update a new error message was showing. 

Now everytime I try to download songs, on the bottom of the screen a message pops up saying "You found a premium feature" suggesting I don't have premium, but I do. 


Spotify is pretty much unusable for since since the last two patches. Any suggestions on what the problem is and how I can fix it? 


Thank you in advance 



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Hey @GLDnRoostR, help's arrived. 


First, make sure remove all your offline devices from your account page, and perform a clean reinstall with these steps. If that doesn't help, can you let us know if you can use other Premium features such as ad-free listening?


Further, regarding the SD card, there are some things to think about when saving there:

  • SD cards should be formatted as portable and not as internal memory/adoptable storage. If it is the latter, reformat the SD card.
  • They should not be encrypted.

Once you've checked that, try a different SD card and see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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