Can't fast forward when playing local files


Can't fast forward when playing local files

I have several local files that I've downloaded onto my phone from my computer. However, when I play the songs on my phone, I'm unable to scroll forward. Every time I do so, the track restarts from the beginning. Has anybody run into this before?


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Just updated the app with todays update and now it seems to work again. Finally! 

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I have the same problem has not had it before started 4 days ago

Yup, same here. I just noticed it this week.

I just started noticing problems with it, too. Just happened not even a week ago. This is irritating me. Most of my songs are custom (because Spotify is picky with songs but I won't get into that lol)

Just started having this problem today. Hopfully they will fix it soon.

I'm having the same issues as well. 

Same here.. Just one addition: it's not happening with all downloaded tracks, just with a few. I don't know what the difference. 

I am having the same problem.  I have been emailing Spotify Support back and forth for the last 2 days.  They seem to be able to offer no solution.  Extremely disapointed with Spotify over this.  Their inability to solve the issue is terrible.

Same issue here. Never had this problem until a few days ago.

Glad to know this is a new issue; hopefully they'll resolve it soon.

+1 for problem starting very recently and not present 1 week ago  

Same here. Just got all my favorite mp3s on Spotify and no  scrubbing available.

Same issue! The vast majority of my music is from local files and this has been driving me insane.

Same problem here. Really hoping for a fix soon. Its driving me crazy!

Same thing here. It is so annoying. I have tried to reinstall spotify but it did not fix the problem.

I've tried to download my local songs to my app all over again, but the problem keeps reocurring.

I only have this issue when I'm using the Spotify app on my (Android) phone. I can fast forward local songs in Spotify on my pc though. Is this the case with you guys as well? 

same for me, why it works on your computer it's because you do not play with the Spotify app or you use the app but play through your computer then it works

Same here...... fix it SPOTIFY!

Did the same as Kioni above, removed songs, redownloaded, still problems!


Works on PC, but not on Android..


Please Spotify, fix this!! 🙂


Using Android version " armv7" - latest available today 2018-05-17 from Google Play store.

Same here. I think it started from 2 versions back of the app. Was hoping it was fixed with update some days ago but wasnt. Ut stopped working for me like 3 weeks ago and none of the usual fix with reinstall etc solves the problem. 

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