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Can't find Facebook friends who has Spotify / March 2014

Can't find Facebook friends who has Spotify / March 2014

I cannot find anymore my Facebook friends from Spotify. The problem started a couple of days ago. If I push Follow button the text "There are no more friends to show" just appears. I know that I have many FB friends who uses Spotify and all these friends just disappeared a few days ago. How I can get them back? I will cancel my subscription if I cannot my friends anymore.


Please help. I am a Finnish user.

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Have you tried to log out and in again? Perhaps a clean reinstallation could help?

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yes, I have logged in and out many times. I have even installed different kind of older version of Spotify (found from At least one of these really versions worked so that I finally could saw my FB friends but I should have starred them as favorite persons. I do not want to do that, I just want to follow my friends on general level. I think that you have a bug on your newest version?


and yes, I uninstalled Spotify as you told and uninstalled it again, but nope, it is not working. I still got the message "There are no more friends to show at this time" and there is zero friends..

Can you see any of your Facebook friends by searching for them by real name in the search box (and they should appear as search suggestions)?

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