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Can't login on the app (Facebook or username)

Can't login on the app (Facebook or username)

Hi guys, for some reason my app logged me out. When I went back to log in it says a Facebook error has occurred. So I uninstalled the app and removed it from facebook when I tried again it got to the page where it showed " continue as dom" I tried to continue and it just went back to saying a Facebook error occurred. After this I tried logging in with a username and reset password as they sent me a numerical username but this too has come up as incorrect.

When the email is sent to me it tells me I have successfully changed the password, from here I can login to the account but whenever I go to the app to login there is always an error.

If anybody else has the same problem or a potential solution  I would be very grateful.


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Hi- sadly no solution but similar problem. My app logged me out and now won't let me log back in- an error message saying you are offline, please go online to connect to spotify comes up. I press the connect button but nothing happens- the same error message just pops up again. I definitely have an internet connection, so I assume they mean I'm offline inside the app? Very frustrating 

Similar problem was using app at 2am this morning. Came to use it at 10am and its logged me out. Tried to log back in says username or password incorrect. Have used my email my username and reset my password. Can log in fine online but app not working

I have the same exact problem and I don't know what's wrong with that !

as I login from the desktop app from the Mac and I can't login from my android phone which is Note 8, as it logged me out yesterday.. it's weird actually cause it logs in fine from the computer and the chrome.. 

we need an answer asap for that problem..

has been happening to me for about 3 days now

I have the exact same problem logging in .. logged me out before many times and I logged in back too .. but this time when it logged me out it's not happening. I reset my password using my Gmail and can loging online but not on the app 

Same problem in my app too

What's happened ;( 

I have the exact same issue. Tried all combinations resetting pw several times and using email address or username always returns the incorrect username or password/ username password combination wrong message.

On my win 10 PC it works fine.

I even tried that weird looking username in my profile page which is kinda cryptic/system generated.

This is so frustrating.

And the community help pages are worse than the ones from Microsoft and that says a lot imo.

I have the same problem, I've tried using facebook login and it doesn't let me. I've tried resetting my password I did it and it said is successfully reset my password.. I tried using my email. It's just not working, my PC version is working but not mobile can someone please help ASAP

Same! It happens to me 3 days ago until now. I can't even login in android, but it can in the web :(( why.

I can't either, I have the same problem! 

Same problem

same problem

I did a clean reinstall and now it's working

What do you mean clean reinstall? 

Before uninstalling I cleared the data and cache, and then uninstalled it

I've had this issue for over a week. I've ued my email, tried logging in without the @email part, used that long username ID that they sent to me when resetting my password. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled after changing my Facebook password and removing the app from Facebook and have made multiple password changes. I can log in just fine on my laptop, but the issue is trying to log in on my Android. 


I hope there's a solution to this soon! I need my music!!!

My app also stopped working a couple of days ago

I had this problem and the solution is quite simple.


With Root: 

If you have a rooted phone you most likely have the application Lucky Patcher and I used this to fix the application. If you don't have it you can try the non-root fix.


1) Select Spotify within Lucky Patcher, open tools and reinstall the application.

2) Select Spotify again and Clear Data, then unistall the app.

3) Reinstall from Google Play.

This worked for me hopefully it works for you.


Without Root

I suspect without Root you can follow the same method, however it may not be as successful.

1) Go to your Phones internal storage, find the folder called android, then within that find the folder data and then after scrolling through data you should come across

2) Delete the folder

3) Uninistall Spotify 

4) Reinstall Spotify from Google Play


I have not tried this method as I have a

Root, although I suspect it should work.

Unfortunately this is not working for me, not rooted..

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