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Can't play Maroon 5 music.

Can't play Maroon 5 music.

I have followed playlists for the best of Maroon 5 and the only two songs that are able to play are the ones link to other artists as well. If I search Maroon 5 and just try playing a song on their profile it doesn't work either it says song unavailable. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app still with no luck. I can see the songs and the playlist I follow but they're never able to be played. The only songs able to be played are Lost Stars and Stereo Hearts. 

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I also have the same problem


I can play Maroon 5 but I can't play any songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dangerous by David Guetta or Sail by Awolnation... The player (not the whole app) quits if I try to play them directly and they don't appear in the queue if they are next in the playlist. If I try to que them I get a message saying that I cannot que them... I've tried to reinstall the app but it doesn't solve it. However, I can play them using the same account on my SO's phone. 

Same problem can't at any of maroon 5's songs

This issue has been reported in the bugs section so I recommend you all add details of your spotify version and music which won't play over there.

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