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Can't play specific song in playlist filter

Can't play specific song in playlist filter

This issue started last night out of no where. When I filter songs and choose the first song in the filtered list, it will not play the selected song. Instead, the first song on my playlist with the added filter will start playing. If I choose the second song on the filtered list, the second song on my playlist plays instead and so on.  Also, the app will not retain the shuffle status once I select a different song to play. 


I have tried deleting the cache, delete the app, remove all offline devices, and log off of all devices. However, nothing has worked.  


Edit: I have come to notice that the filter issue only affects my old playlists. If I create a new playlist and add songs to it, I can filter and play the selected song just fine. I have tried deleting and restoring my old playlists, but that did not help. 

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It seems the filter issue is only with my own playlists. I am able to filter and play the specific song I selected when I go to someone else's playlist. However, the not retaining shuffle is still an issue. 

Bump. Problem still persists...

i got the same problem its so anoyying 

for example i have a playlist that starts with "i will survive" then i want to play smells like teen spirit on filter but, it keeps playing  i will survive althought the title is already smells like teen spirit  , spotify please fix this!!

I've got the same issues. Is there any option to make this better already?

I have the exact same problem, and it started complexly random today. My shuffle also turns off after choosing an individual song which it has never done until today. Really strange I hope they fix it. I have lists with over 2 thousand songs so IdIlike to be able to use these functions...

I am literally having the exact same issues as you, this only started a couple days ago. This is seriously annoying and I really hope it is fixed soon. When I play spotify on my other phone and on the desktop app it works fine, I can shuffle, filter and everything without any issues. Im glad i found someone else experiencing this.

So I used spotify this morning and the problem is no longer there. I didn't do anything. The problem just went away on its own. 

Huh that's odd, mine still persists so lucky you I guess...

Can we get Spotify support involved?

I hope so I got the same problem and it really sucks  -_-

@Wcoshburn wrote:

Can we get Spotify support involved?

I don't think they know what's going on either. I reached out to SpotifyCares on Twitter about this same issue. I was told to delete my current account and make a new one. It worked for a little bit, but the issue is back again for the third time. 

Yeah, I have been in contact with them as well. They think the problem is in my account and offered me to make a new account with the same mailadress etc. However I'm still contemplating this, because I heard that the issue keeps coming back, so I will mail them again.

If I make a new account, will I lose my songs and playlists?

@Wcoshburn wrote:
If I make a new account, will I lose my songs and playlists?

Contact them. They will attempt to troubleshoot the issue with you. If they can't fix it, they'll tell you to create a new account at which point they'lll transfer all of your music from your old account to your current one. 


However, there is no sense in doing this as the issue came back even after going through all of this process.  

Do you have a phone number for them?

Welp, the problem is back after one day lol.. Both the filter and shuffle not sticking problem. 

I'm also experiencing the same problem. If I search for any song and filter it from my playlists and try to play it from the results, a random song would play. It's like if the indexing isn't correct. Although, this happened after enabling the Offline mode. I will try disabling it to confirm if it resolves the problem, but still, this is a bug and I'm not sure how I can approach to Spotify support. 

I also been experiencing the same issue for about 2 weeks it's very annoying.


I contacted them, and they said their tech team or something is on it and will get it fixed in the next update for the app. I guess our only option is to wait and for everyone to send support tickets so they take it seriously.

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