Can't post songs on my story

Can't post songs on my story









Operating System



My Question or Issue

When i try to post a song or a lyrics instagram just crashesh multiple times and everything is up to date but i still can't post 

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I have the exactly same problem on my S21. Instagram and Spotify versions are the latest. Performed clean-reinstall on both apps after clearing cache/data. Nothing helped.


Same here with Xiaomi MI 9T. Tried everything mentioned above. Still IG crashes when trying to dejaré a song from Spotify 😞








Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Operating System

MIUI 12 5.4 Android 11 


My Question or Issue

i want to share song to instagram stories, after i click button share to stories spotify app open instagram app, after 1-2sec instagram app force close and return to the page to choose to share on social media platforms on spotify app



Same issue. 


  • Android 12
  • Pixel 3XL phone 
  • Issue started today August 4 

"Share to" IG Stories crashes. 


Tried reinstalling restarting phone.

Also tried reinstalling Spotify. 


Did not try reinstalling IG (not feasible - would lose settings and content) 


Please investigate + fix asap. 


Same issue. 


  • Australia 
  • Spotify Premium 
  • Android 12 
  • Google Pixel 3XL 

Share To Stories crashes


Hi folks,


Sorry to hear that this started happening to you.


Can you let us know if this started after an app or OS update? Let us know exactly what happens when you try to share a song to your IG story - does the Spotify app freeze or does Instagram freeze. Does the story become available at all?


It would also be helpful to know your:

- Device model and OS version

- Spotify version


Looking forward to your replies.

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Same issue. 


  • Turkey
  • Spotify Premium 
  • Android 12 
  • Samsung Galaxy S20FE


android version: 12


device: galaxy S21


spotify version:






Spotify doesn't crash, only IG crashes. When i click the "stories" button in Spotify it opens IG story page for a second then it crashes. But in the end it doesn't add the story at all


It's Instagram that crashes not Spotify. So it could be an IG problem. But it only started doing this recently.


- No app update 

- No OS update as far as I know (it sometimes gives me the option to update OS in the middle of the night in which case I wouldn't know it did) 

- Spotify doesn't crash 

- IG doesn't crash per se - if IG was not already open, the "share to" would open up a new instance of IG so it becomes a draft Story - in this case, it tries to start a draft Story, fails, reverts back Spotify 




See this Loom:


Spotify version is


Same issue with Galaxy Note 20 5G and Galaxy A53 5G


Has been doing it for the last few days out of the blue. It can't post story to Instagram, noting updated or changed and on various phones as you can see others with issue. I sometimes get a white box pop up saying instagram keeps stopping.


Temporary solution for y'all 

Downgrade instagram to version It still works with that.


Hey Alex,

Ive been experiencing the same problem as everyone here for the past couple days and I just found this today. this is what I got going on...

1. I choose Share to Instagram stories, switches to Instagram stories for a second and then crashes and goes back to the sharing screen on Spotify. I am able to open up Instagram through my home screen. No apps freeze.

2. Instagram updated 2 days ago and Spotify was 5 days ago. I noticed the problem either Saturday or Monday, can't remember exactly.

3. I'm running android 12 on my pixel 4. 

Spotify version-

Instagram version-


Hi there,


Currently experiencing the same as other users have reported. When I go to share a song to my IG story, Instagram opens momentarily at the draft story screen before crashing and redirecting me to the Spotify share screen. Multiple attempts result in a notification that "This app is not responding" (IG). Instagram opens fine on its own otherwise. The story does not become available at all.


It was working fine for me on Aug 3, and the issue started happening on Aug 4. I don't believe there were any app updates but I could be mistaken.


Device: Pixel 5

OS: Android 11

Spotify: version


Hi there


Im not sure if it started after updating

Spotify version -

Device model and - TCL SE 20 

OS version - Android 11 

TCL UI version - v3.0.2BEC


This just got fixed for me!

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