Can't scrub in track after selecting next

Can't scrub in track after selecting next







Asus Zenfone AR

Operating System

Android 7.0


My Question or Issue

After selecting the next song in an album in the player view, scrubbing doesn't work anymore. Going back to the album and selecting the song there fixes the problem temporarily (until the next skip). Happens daily. Wiping and re-installing the app doesn't help.




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Hey @rc-p90,


That's not cool! Does this happen on all tracks? Also, does the same behaviour happen if you've downloaded the track for offline listening?


Keep us posted, 



It happens in playlists and albums.

Also when the songs have been downloaded.


Hey again @rc-p90,


Thanks for letting us know. Are you experiencing any other issues with the app, such as notification bar/player behaving unusually or anything with the playback? We do have some issues with Android that are under investigation right now here and here.


If you're familiar with any of these, make sure to hit a vote and comment as we think your case might be related.


Let us know if there's anything else!


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