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Can't select view album or artist, shuffle turns off

Can't select view album or artist, shuffle turns off







Galaxy S9+

Operating System



My Question or Issue

 I can no longer click on "view artist" and "view album" options. Also Spotify turns off the shuffle option at least once a day. 

6 Replies

Hey @Kstew, welcome to the Community!


This usually happens when you're using the app in Offline Mode. Can you disable it to see if you still have trouble with this? You can find the steps on how to do this here.


Hope that helps 🙂


I have the same device and the same problem. Offline mode is not on, and the recently played items from the "Your Library" section, that aren't saved to local storage are playable. However, the radio items are not playable, there is just a green spinning circle. The search feature is also not working. It's as if the app thinks I'm not connected to the Internet. The last time to fix this issue I had to competely reinstall the app. Clearing cache also doesn't resolve this issue. 

I'm having the same issue! Is this going to be solved? 

Hey had the same issue. I tried a force stop on my app on Android and it fixed it right away. Hopefully this is the resolution for you guys.

I did a hard restart on my S8 and it fixed the problem. Just hold the power button and volume down (on most phones) until the phone restarts. Hope this helps

Hi there!


Please go to THIS ongoing issue that I created, vote for it and post a comment describing your issue and also what device, OS version and Spotify version you have.


Thank you!

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