Can't skip or play any song i want

Can't skip or play any song i want

I don't know if this is an update just for Android, but I don't like it. It won't let me skip or play any song I want that's in my playlist unless I upgrade to premium. This just made me start to hate this app. I was loving it more than other apps, not I don't. It's like another Pandora but you get to pick the music to add to a playlist. They need to fix this NOW.
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Hi there,



Welcome to the group. I have experienced the same thing before. I believe that's one of the limitations of Free account. I enjoyed Spotify especially the skips and offline music, I was able to experience it when I started the 7 day trial version. After that, I feel sad that it's not available on the Free version. I upgraded to Premium and I'm happy. You may want to take a look at the following differences to decide:



With Spotify Free, you can:



1.Listen to your favorite music on the go.
2.Browse to find perfect playlists for every moment.
3.Discover new music.
4.Share music and playlists with your friends.
5.Let Spotify pick the tunes with Radio.



However, there are a few limitations:



1. You can't stream specific songs on demand.
2. Sometimes you'll hear a mix of similar tracks from other artists to what you're playing.
3. You are allowed 6 skips an hour.
4. You'll receive ads.



For even more awesome features on your mobile phone, why not try Spotify Premium? It has loads of extra features:



1.No ads.
2.Sync playlists for offline use.
3.Play individual tracks or full albums on-demand.
4.Listen to entire tracks on Discover and those sent to your Inbox.
5.Play all the music by your favourite artists.
6.High quality streaming.
7.Spotify Connect compatible.



You can upgrade anytime on your subscription page:



Have a great day! 🙂







Please see the thread Subscription Comparison Chart for a comparison of the different subscription levels Spotify offer.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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I can't skip any song and this is the first time I've used Spotify since Friday. So I'm not at my hour limit. Unless the new update made it skips are only premium users.

I've been having the same issue, I believe Spotify has just cancelled the 6 skip per hour limit and just removed it completely for non-premium users.


I don't think they'd do that without an announcement but has anyone tried contacting Spotify about this?

I was able to fix this to an extent. Unistall Spotify then reinstall. Works so far with the skipping again but sometimes I get 6 skips other times I get 1 or 2.


 Are you dicks soo greedy for money its a basic future that you have to pay for!? This is stupid bull**bleep**.



My unlimited account wont let me skip tracks on another device. It works grand with my laptop but on ipod touch doesnt work. 

I pay 4.99 a month and i cant tell the difference in the free one. Isnt the skip tracks a hold back if you have the free one. So why doesnt my paid account let me skip as many tracks as i want.


If I remember correctly, an unlimited subscription allows 6 skips per hour on mobile devices. If you have any other questions specifically related to your ipod touch, please post in the iOS section.


As per my knowledge Free users can skips 6 songs per hour 

but today when I opened app, is not letting me to skip 1 song 

why this happened ?

iOS app


IT rely sucks

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