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Can you take it off shuffle?

Can you take it off shuffle?

Just wondering if there's an option to play music down the list rather than shuffle, i have a premium account.

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Hi @erinnjane93,


when you have Spotify premium you can tap on the now playing bar.

There should be a shuffle button like you see on the picture below.

Now click the button and you turned of shuffle:).




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False that was replaced on iphone 6s mobile today. The shuffle button is no longer there on mobile. It was relaced with a thumbs down ๐Ÿ˜ž Please fix this shuffle isssue


That's because it's a song radio, not a regular playlist.
This feature plays songs randomly according to how similar a song is to the one where you clicked "Go to song radio", and you can tell if you like this song or not.


If you view the same screen while playing an album or a playlist there should still be the shuffle and repeat buttons.


Edit: It might also be that you disabled repeat and have the feature turned on where if Spotify reaches the end of the playlist it will start playing similar songs based on the playlist, hence the song radio screen.

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