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Cancelled my premium, now i cant listen to any music

Cancelled my premium, now i cant listen to any music

Hey peeps, 

I have an issue with my spotify app on my S5, after months of using this service i enjoyed it and decided to try out the premium subscription service. I enjoyed using it but decided i didnt need the services that premium gives so i cancelled it, immediately after i noticed i was unable to play any songs in my playlists or in the app in general.

I deleted & re installed the app in hopes it would fix the error but it did not, im puzzled because it didn't affect the service on my PlayStation 4 at all & it works fine on my system . It just wont work on my cellphone.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

2 Replies

Free users can't select specific songs on the mobile phone app. Does music not play when you tap the "Shuffle Play" button?

No as i posted, im unable to select or play any songs at all on the spotify
app after i cancelled my subscription. It sucks cause that was my main
source of music

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