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Cannot play music on phone, says "unavailable for listening on"

Cannot play music on phone, says "unavailable for listening on"

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Pixel 3

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I cannot switch to playing music on my phone when it is playing on another device using my account. So when I leave the house and try to play music it won't let me. This is absolutely a new development this has never happened before since this week. Help??

8 Replies

Hi, I've already started a thread with a same issue 🙂
What device is it playing on? for reference 🙂

Oh man, yeah it's really frustrating. I'm on Pixel 3 and music is playing on Windows 10 at home.

Galaxy S9 & Windows 10 here. Same problem.

I just encountered this problem. My Pixel 3 was showing as unavailable for listening. I was able to resolve it by going to Spotify on the device (a laptop) that was currently playing music. From that instance of the Spotify app I was able to select my phone and the music started playing on my phone. Hope this helps!

Same here. It seems to have started happening this week after I updated to Android 11 on my pixel 4XL. Please fix this! thank you

Solution i found is to turn wifi off, switch to phone, turn wifi back on


Nope, that didn't work for me

This seems to be the easiest solution for now, worked for me. Still ridiculous spotify, don't auto update when it breaks the app!

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