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Cant play local files on Mobile

Cant play local files on Mobile

Hello, I have a Droid Razr M, and I can't play my local files on my Android phone.


I have premium, and when I download a playlist/songs to my phone, they come up as (Song Name) Unknown Artist, Unknown Album, and completely grey instead of white with the Dowload Icon next to them.


My Phone and my Desktop Spotify are sync'd and I switch between them often. 

I used to have success transferring files when working off my Macbook Air to my phone, but no such luck with my HP desktop. I do not have the Macbook anymore so it isn't a solution to this problem. 


I have connected my phone to my PC yet it does nothing within the Spotify window.


When I'm playing a local file on the PC and I try to switch to mobile using connect, it just black screens and I have to back arrow out of that to get back to my playlist, where it resumes fine playing no song.


This was not a problem a couple patches ago, yet it may make me unsubscribe because it is my most essential value to my Spotify experience. 


I will provide more information to solve the problem, if necessary.


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