Cant play tracks on SDcard that is in playlist and they wont sync.

Cant play tracks on SDcard that is in playlist and they wont sync.


i have some of the music files on my phone, and since update spotify seem to know they are there but wont play them nor sync them from my computer.


is there a way to play them or should i just delete the files and see if spotify will sync them after i removed them?

its just so anoying having to sync 5-6bg of files, its not that fast 😞

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Is your memory card full, maybe? Also, check your data usage for the billing cycle on your android. Could be you used up the maximum amount of data on your plan for the billing cycle, and as a result, your provider is reducing your speed until the current billing cycle is over. That's what happened to me. I was out and about, trying to play music from the library with the Spotify app in Online mode and it sucked up all the data allotment for the month on my line. That was just a beginners mistake. Now I am creating playlists and synching them over the wireless network at home. Much better. But also, try pulling the battery and the microSD card and putting them back in. Then reboot the phone and see if that helps if nothing els I have suggested works. I am just a beginner with this service but have already learned by my mistake.


Good Luck.



Bspot62 - be aware that the new app seems to use copious amounts of data even if you are only listening to downloaded playlists. Only solution seems to be to put it in offline mode
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